ABOUT WOmen in genomics

The San Diego annual Women in Genomics (WIG) dinner dates back, over 20 years, to the early years of the Plant and Animal Genome conference and the US Plant Genome Initiative. In those early years, the number of women working in the field of genomics was relatively small. A handful of women (Mary Clutter, Machi Dilworth, Judy St. John and Kellye Eversole) decided it would be nice to have a chance to step away from the hectic schedule of the conference and meet other women involved in the field of genomics. What began as several women getting together for a meal has grown into an annual tradition. 

The WIG dinner now includes representation from 10 countries and a master list of over 130 women. The dinner occurs during the annual Plant and Animal Genome conference which is held in January in San Diego, California.

Listen to  an interview with Kellye Eversole on the Talking Biotech podcast to learn more about what WIG is about.